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Ford launches enhanced stability control for the 2015 Focus


The system uses real-time data from sensors mounted on the vehicle

Ford has launched its enhanced stability control technology system which will be integrated in the 2015 Focus.

The said system is designed to anticipate a potential spin by 100 to 200 milliseconds before it occurs. Ford says it combines real-time data from sensors mounted throughout the 2015 Focus in order to deliver better handling especially in “highly dynamic driving maneuvers.”

Ford North America Brake Controls manager David Messih expressed that the enhanced stability control technology features a smoother and more refined control.


“By recognizing scenarios that can lead to a potential loss of driver control before oversteer has developed, the enhanced transitional stability system is setting the recovery process in motion quicker than ever before – resulting in smoother, more refined control,” Messih said.

In addition, the system analyzes various information such as the vehicle's speed, the steering wheel position and the turning rate. When an imminent risk is identified, Ford says braking is applied to individual wheels to help the driver maintain control.

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