The numbers are in, and it seems the Philippine automotive industry is on a record year.

Based on combined sales reports for June 2014 from the Chamber of Automobile Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI), the Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA) and the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (AVID), the cumulative growth of the Philippine auto industry is currently experiencing significant growth at 35.4%. The industry was able to register 22,570 units in June 2014 as opposed to 16,667 units sold in June 2013.

CAMPI and TMA sold a total of 19,622 units in June 2014 versus 14,240 units during the same period last year, giving the two groups a combined growth rate of 37.8%. AVID sold 2,973 units in June 2014 (see note below) versus 2447 units in the same period last year, giving them a growth rate of 21.5%. Check out the table below:

Toyota did indeed move forward in June by selling 8,450 units as opposed to 5,271 units in the same period last year. The number puts TMPC's growth rate at 59.5%, though it was a little less than Toyota's figure in May 2014 when they became the first automaker to break the 9,000 units sales barrier in a single month in the Philippines.

Mitsubishi is experiencing a solid drive at Earth in second spot with 4,535 units that left the dealer forecourts. The company managed a growth of 27.9% over the 3,545 units they sold in June 2014.

In third place is Hyundai at 1,928 units sold compared to June 2013's 1726 units (+11.7%). Going further, however, is Ford as the company registered 1,697 units sold in June (+36.3%), putting them just 231 units behind Hyundai.

In fifth overall is the diesel authority as Isuzu turned over 1,156 units to their customers in June (21.0% growth). Honda took a bit of a dip in sales in June at 956 units (-18.1%), though those figures are expected to change given the arrival of more new models in the remainder of the fiscal year; will the power of dreams take hold?

One company that truly has the power to surprise is Kia, as the brand surged forward to seventh in sales with 952 units in June 2014. The figure represents a massive growth rate of 135.1% over the 405 units they registered in June 2013 and gives them just a 4 unit gap to Honda for 6th. Likewise impressive in sales for June is Chevrolet as TCCCI seems to have found plenty of new roads to their customers and sold 701 units as opposed to 371 in June 2013 (+88.9%).

New player Nissan (Nissan Philippines, Inc.)is working to solidify their position as they sold 621 units in June. It's -8.9% when compared to the combined sales of the “two Nissans” of 688 units in June 2013, though expect them to showcase what “innovation that excites” truly means when they introduce more new models.

Rounding up the top 10 is Suzuki as the small car specialist sold 556 cars (+20.9%) in June as opposed to 460 in the same month last year. In eleventh is Mazda with 289 units versus 236 in June 2013 (+22.5%) followed by Subaru which is at 265 units versus 260 for the same month last year (+1.9%).

The two new European players in the Philippine auto industry are also close together in terms of sales, though the French are leading the Germans in the premium (based on price points) category. Peugeot sold 56 lions, err, units in June 2014 versus 48 das autos from Volkswagen.

In the luxury sector BMW still leads the way with sheer driving pleasure as they sold 88 units even though it's a little less than June 2013's 93 units (-5.4%). Lexus sales are also steadily growing as they sold 43 cars (+13.2%) that pursue perfection while Mercedes-Benz is at 25 units (+25%).


NOTE: Mercedes-Benz's sales figures are reported twice as their sales are reflected in CAMPI/TMA's sales report as well as AVID's sales report. Their 25 units were subracted to get the total industry sales figure at 22,570 as opposed to 22,595 units.