The Caterham Seven’s most recent incarnation will be in the form of an entry-level model equipped with a 0.7L Suzuki turbocharged engine. The three-cylinder engine will be the smallest and most efficient engine to be installed in the car. The use of the light engine reflects the ideology of Caterham, and makes it the lightest and most efficient Seven to be produced by the company.

Suzuki’s reputation for developing compact vehicles with efficient engines made it an ideal candidate for Caterham’s lightweight project.  The collaborated project features Suzuki’s turbocharged engine and five-speed gearbox, re-engineered chassis, and revised suspension layout. Having been tuned by experts in Caterham Technology & Innovation, the car should be capable of strong performance paired with better fuel economy and reduced emissions.

The latest incarnation of the sports car is meant to be a Seven in ‘distilled form’ owing its characteristics from Caterham predecessors and Suzuki technology. To be launched before the end of 2013, the new Seven will be priced lower than 17,000gbp (approximately 1,164,975php).