BMW recently displayed new M Performance option parts for the M3, M4 and M4 Convertible at the 2014 Essen Motor Show in Germany. The additional parts will consist of an aerodynamic package, extra equipment inside the cabin and a different exhaust system.

Rear and side of the BMW with new M parts

Designed to improve the vehicle's airflow at high speeds, the add-on exterior parts available for the car include carbon side trim for the front bumper, polyurethane front attachment and side skirts and a carbon fiber rear diffuser and spoiler. Also available for all 3 cars is the tri-color side decals with BMW Performance lettering.

The interior of the BMW with new modes

Inside, interior options include a steering wheel covered in Alcantara and carbon fiber and is fitted with an integrated display which is located at the top of the steering wheel. It lets drivers know what gear the car is in and displays lateral and longitudinal acceleration figures among others. Sport Mode now provides a stopwatch for the drivers while Race Mode will record lap times.

An optional stainless steel exhaust system with titanium silencers can be opted. The tailpipe embellishers can be had in either carbon fiber or titanium. Overall, the stainless-steel and titanium mix makes the exhaust system lighter(8 kg less than stock), corrosion resistant and heat resistant. The car's exhaust system has two modes which adjusts the sound of the tailpipes and can be selected via a button inside the car. In Standard Mode, the car emits a sporty sound that can be used everyday while on Sport or Sport+ Mode the pipes will emit what BMW calls 'an emotion-rich engine soundtrack, which gives the driver a clear feedback on engine load.