Hankook Tires recently unveiled three tire concepts at the 2014 Essen Motor Show that were developed with the concept of global warming and for use in under different conditions in mind.

Carrying the theme, ‘A Great Challenge for a Great Change’ and developed under the company’s Design Innovation 2014, the three concept tires were made along with the help of the University of Design, Engineering, and Business of Pforzheim, Germany and aims to address worsening weather conditions like desertification, heavy snow and heavy rain that were brought about by global warming.

The Boostrac

First is the Boostrac concept which was specifically designed for desert/mountain use. It has hexagonal tread blocks that can be expanded for added traction in an event the standard tread blocks are not enough.

The Alpike

Second is the Alpike concept, a snow and ice tire that has studs and gaps on its tread. It also has tire circumferential expansion technology where the tire can increase its size and expand its overall traction property.

The Hyblade

The last of the three tire concepts is the Hyblade, the company’s solution to heavy rain. It has a waterwheel tread design and has side spokes that provide driving and steering force during a downpour.

Watch the video below and get to see a simulation of the three tire concepts in action.