Today marks the start of Euro 4 standard fuel as the Department of Energy and Natural Resources (DENR) stated back in March that petroleum companies are required to provide cleaner burning fuel starting on July 1, 2015.

The new administrative order no. 2015-04 acts as a way to prepare the country's motoring industry for the new fuel along with Euro 4 standard vehicles that will fully take effect in new cars by 2016. The order will also cover new passenger and light- and heavy-duty vehicles.

The relatively new Euro 4 standard requires 50 parts per million (PPM) of sulfur content which is cleaner compared to the older Euro 2 standard that has 500 parts per million of sulfur. Moreover, Certificates of Conformity (COC) will be issued to Euro 4 standard vehicles come 2016 which will also become a requirement from the Land Transportation Office.

DENR's administrative order is in line with Republic Act 8749 or the Philippines Clean Air Act of 1999.

As previously reported, petroleum companies like Petron and Unioil are already selling Euro 4 standard fuels. Edward Rodriguez, Sales Manager of Chevron Philippines also stated that Caltex will be able to provide Euro 4 standard fuels soon since they sell imported finished fuel products.

On the other hand, Pilipinas Shell Country Chairman Ed Chua told earlier that they will not be able to comply with the July target, citing that the facility upgrade timelines the original date of Januray 1, 2016.