The Alternative Fuel Incentives Bill, which was authored and filed in 2011, was re-filed in 2013 but four years after it is still in limbo showing no signs of moving forward.

Now, the Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP) is pushing for some form of legislation to support and spark the growth of electric and hybrid vehicles in the country.

EVAP seeks incentives to grow local electric & hybrid vehicle industry

At the press conference of the 1st ASEAN Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Summit at the World Trade Center, EVAP President Rommel Juan said that tax incentives will attract more electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers here and promote the use of these eco-friendly vehicles in the country.

According to Juan, as popularity of these vehicles grow, supporting infrastructure like charging stations will need to be put up, developing the industry even further.

For their part, the Board of Investments has granted the industry a six-year fiscal incentive and duty-free importation of capital equipment for manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles.

“If we don’t provide incentives (for the electric and hybrid vehicle industry), it’s not going to take off,” said Department of Trade and Industry Assistant Secretary Rafaelita Aldaba.

According to Aldaba, the first package of the comprehensive tax reform is aimed at promoting the use of electric and hybrid vehicles by exempting these vehicles from excise tax.