Think GMC, and immediately you think of big SUVs and pickup trucks. Essentially the luxury truck division of Chevrolet, they're known for making plusher variations of big Chevys like the Yukon (Tahoe), Canyon (Colorado), Sierra (Silverado), and Acadia (Traverse).

But what if GMC decided to make their own sports coupe? Well, we no longer have to wonder thanks to Nikita Aksyonov, a digital artist who decided to render what a Camaro-based GMC would look like.

Ever wondered what a Camaro-based GMC would look like? image

While it still has the familiar shape of the Camaro, its front and rear fascia designs have been altered greatly to reflect GMC's design language. Borrowing some styling cues from the Sierra, the front-end looks very truck-like with is imposing grill, huge GMC badging, and large rectangular headlights. Meanwhile, the rear end features Arcadia-inspired taillights which give the coupe a rather futuristic look.

To be honest, the rear design looks the part since it gave the car an unconventional yet eye-catching look. However, we're not a fan of its broad front end since it looks out of place on a sleek two-door model. Still, at least Aksyonov was able to give us an idea in the unlikely case GMC ever decides to make one.

Ever wondered what a Camaro-based GMC would look like? image

After seeing Aksyonov's take on a GMC coupe, we can only imagine what a Corvette-based GMC will look like in the real world. Perhaps they can do that in a future render and show us how it could look like. Fingers crossed Aksyonov actually makes one.