In response to growing concerns over high oil prices, global warming and the environment, the Ramcar Group of Companies is set to introduce the first commercially-available electric car in the Philippines through a new subsidiary, EVnnovations.

According to Karl Magsuci, business planning and development manager of EVnnovations, "It is about time that we seriously look into alternative mobility solutions. We believe that electric vehicles are a viable solution to the environmental and economic issues that the transport sector faces. They run on electricity, which is a readily available and relatively cheap energy resource. More importantly, they do not emit harmful carbon gases. Electric vehicles can be both an economical and ecological mobility solution for the modern Filipino."

As an initial product offering, Evnnovations will be introducing the REVAi Electric Car. It is a small compact hatch that comfortably seats two adults. Designed to zip through congested, urban roads such as those in Metro Manila, the REVAi is powered by eight 6-volt lead-acid batteries and can reach a top speed of 80-kph. To charge the car batteries, simply plug the car into any 15-amp 220V outlet, the same way a mobile phone is charged. Fully charging the batteries, which takes only eight hours, will allow the car to travel a maximum of 80 kilometers, more than sufficient for the average distance traveled daily by city dwellers.

In spite of its compace size, the REVAi has been designed with utmost consideration for the safety of its passengers. It is equipped with dent-proof ABS body panels, steel-space frame with side impace beams, driver & passenger seatbelts, and front hydraulic disc brakes which make the REVAi a very safe electric city car for urban commuters.

Creature-comfort features also abound its cabin. Available options such as an air conditioning system, CD MP3 player, leather-wrapped seats and steering wheel, and a central locking system make for a very comfortable city drive.

"The REVAi is just the first of many other types of electric-powered mobility products that EVnnovations will be introducing to the local market. We are committed to providing the discerning consumer with both ecologically and economically sustainable modes of transportation. Filipinos can definitely rely on EVnnovations to be their trusted partner and ally for alternative mobility solutions," adds Magsuci.

According to Ernest Estrera, vice president for marketing of Ramcar, "As the industry leader in automotive batteries, going into electric vehicle technology makes perfect business sense for us. We definitely see a bright future for Motolite in this new venture, and we believe we have a product that will appeal to urban dwellers who have an eye for environment-friendly and technologically-advanced mobility solution."