After 108 days in prison, former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is out of prison. This was after he posted bail for a hefty sum of $ 9 million. He was arrested by the Tokyo District Prosecutor's Office last November 19, 2018 following allegations of financial misconduct.

Prior to his release, Ghosn's family has repeatedly appealed for bail, which was rejected by judges multiple times. While he is now out of jail, Ghosn isn't out of the woods just yet. Under the conditions of the bail, he is not allowed to leave Japan and will also be under heavy surveillance. Even his computer usage will be restricted, and he'll only be allowed to use one at his lawyer's office during working hours on weekdays. Mobile phone usage will also be restricted and he is not allowed to have internet access as well.

For the next phase of his legal battles, Ghosn has a new legal team headed by Junichiro Hironaka, who is said to be an experienced defense attorney. Reports say that he has handled a significant amount of high-profile cases. According to Japanese news outlets, Hironaka also has a reputation for obtaining acquittals for his clients.

Throughout the course of his time in jail, Ghosn has maintained his innocence. He claims that his arrest and subsequent ousting is a plot by some Nissan executives who do not want further integration with Renault in the Alliance. Ghosn's lawyer, Hironaka, says he is confident he can get an acquittal for the ex-Nissan CEO.