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ExxonMobil celebrates 80 years of its Mobil Delvac oil


ExxonMobil is commemorating eight decades of protecting and helping extend the lives of heavy duty diesel engines around the world with the 80th anniversary of its Mobil Delvac(TM) engine oil. Since its introduction in 1925, Mobil Delvac oil -- Delvac, short for "D"iesel "E"ngine "L"ubricants "VAC"uum -- has provided power and protection for truck engines around the world in all conditions -- from the extreme heat in Egypt's deserts to the freezing conditions across Siberia, from the mountainous regions of Peru to the super-highways and narrow byways of North America and Europe.

Throughout its 80-year history, Mobil Delvac has set the benchmark for lubrication excellence. The company's commitment to research and technological development, and global availability, has made Mobil Delvac one of the world's most widely used brands of heavy duty engine oil today.

"Research and engineering excellence is the foundation for which ExxonMobil and its products have always been known," said Mike Mullins, vice president - global marketing, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties. "In formulating and proving Mobil Delvac products, we have teams of lubrication experts who specialize in heavy duty vehicle engine technology, that conduct comprehensive laboratory testing and extensive field trials to closely study all the performance attributes required in today's heavy duty engines."

Each year, ExxonMobil commits significant financial resources to its research and product development. In fact, over the past decade, ExxonMobil has spent more than $100 million on research, testing and upgrading its Mobil Delvac family of heavy duty engine oils to ensure they meet or exceed the latest and most advanced industry and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) specifications from around the world.

Mobil Delvac technology is chosen by the world's top five heavy-duty truck engine OEMs and has over 2,000 different builder approvals and preferential endorsements that cover over 300 different global and local builders.

"ExxonMobil works closely with the world's leading heavy duty diesel engine manufacturers on nearly every major issue impacting lubricant technology, such as joint product development, formulation science and the creation of new specifications and testing methods," said Steve Kennedy, senior scientist, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, and co-chair of the American Petroleum Institute's Diesel Engine Oil Advisory Panel. "This ensures that Mobil Delvac heavy duty engine oils meet and exceed the latest industry and OEM specifications, and deliver consistent quality and performance to help our customers extend the life of their engines, no matter where in the world they are located or what type of equipment they operate."

With its signature black packaging, Mobil Delvac is available on the shelves of retail outlets and major truck stops that sell heavy-duty lubricants around the world.

To raise awareness of Mobil Delvac's anniversary of service to heavy duty and commercial truck owner operators worldwide, ExxonMobil is planning celebratory activities in key global markets where truckers and fleet managers select Mobil Delvac as an oil brand of choice.
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