In the future, you may not be even required to lift a finger; just simply looking will be enough.

That’s if EyeLock ID Technology, the iris-based identitiy authentication system produced by EyeLock comes standard in vehicles in the next few years.

EyeLock as per their website, is ‘an advanced iris-based identity management technology solutions company focused on developing next-generation systems for global access control and identity management.’ They are currently working with auto equipment suppliers and will be announcing partnerships at the end of 2015.

First introduced at the 2015 North American International Auto Show, EyeLock ID Technology works by scanning 240 points in each eye and matches it with the owner’s template to validate the person before authorizing the ignition of the vehicle’s engine. 

The system is secured by an AES-256 encryption and only scans real eyes so photographs are out of the question.

"EyeLock's technology is proven to have broad applications across the spectrum of consumer touchpoints and enterprise solutions. The utilization of EyeLock's iris authentication solutions across automotive applications enables a contextual and immersive experience for the driver, while unlocking new ways for automakers, content providers and insurers to engage consumers," said Anthony Antolino, EyeLock Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer.

"The odds are one in several trillion that two different people have the same iris signature," added Antolino.