We don't usually expect surprise debuts at the start of the year. Usually, automakers do a teaser campaign months or weeks before a launch. Suzuki decided to forgo all of that for one of their models.

Facelifted Carry is Suzuki

Suzuki's first launch this year is the updated Carry. Granted, it's not the most exciting debut, but it's a vital vehicle for the brand. The Carry is Suzuki's best-selling commercial vehicle in Southeast Asia, so this minor model change is a big deal.

The changes to the mini-truck are minor. It's down to two exterior tweaks and an extra feature. For 2021, the Carry gets a revised look to the front end and not much else. The grille, which is non-functional, has a new pattern Suzuki amusingly calls the 'Hatched Axe'. Also, the bumper gets new moldings that incorporates a pair of faux bumperettes. As for the rest of it, it looks the same as the pre-facelift version.

Facelifted Carry is Suzuki

So, what's that new feature in the Carry? Does it get a touchscreen or more amenities? Well, no, but Suzuki says it's an important safety feature for mini-haulers. If you have to guess it, your answer is probably wrong. Starting 2021, the Carry comes equipped with a fire extinguisher. Yes, you read that right, a fire extinguisher. We're curious if the local-spec Carry will have it standard, but it's a useful item to have in the vehicle.

The updated Carry is now on-sale in Indonesia. At the moment, there is no word when it will land here, but we're likely to see it in local showrooms eventually.