These days, crossovers come in all shapes and sizes. There are lifted hatchbacks, lifted wagons, and even high-riding coupes. Now, Ford is putting their money on a rather niche segment: the crossover sedan. During the Sao Paulo International Auto Show, they showed off their sedan on stilts in the form of the Ka Urban Warrior.

Think of the Ka Urban Warrior as an EcoSport, albeit as a sedan. It is also closely related to the EcoSport as the Urban Warrior sits on the same platform as the sixth-generation Fiesta. For now, Ford says the car is a concept but add that, should reception be good, the car will eventually make its way to showrooms, at least in Latin America.

The Ka sedan is also being sold outside Latin America as the Figo Aspire in parts of Asia. Its headlights are mounted high and follows the hexagonal grill with its Aston Martin-esque look. The rear quarters are longer than that of the hatch, and has a short trunk lid rounding off its small dimensions.

Fancy a sedan on stilts? The Ford Ka Urban Warrior is for you

Adding some crossover credentials to the otherwise humble sedan is the extra ground clearance. Along with that, there's unpainted gray cladding which surrounds the entire bottom half of the car. A honeycomb pattern on the grill also separates it from the standard models. Faux skid plates are also present at the front and rear. As for the tires, it rides on higher-profile rubber for that extra bit of ruggedness.

There are no details as to what powers this tall sedan, but it is likely that it is the same three-cylinder, 1.5-liter unit that also motivates the non-turbocharged versions of the EcoSport. In Brazil, that same engine makes 132 PS and 158 Nm of torque thanks to E85 ethanol power.

While novel, the idea of a crossover sedan isn't entirely new. It was first seen in the AMC Eagle sedan, followed by the Subaru Outback sedan from the mid-90's to the early 2000's. A few years ago, Volvo revived the idea in the S60 Cross Country.