The wonders of Photoshop never cease to amaze, especially in the hands of those with some time and dedication to spare.

In the last few weeks, the automotive interwebs have been buzzing about the new generation Suzuki Jimny; the new successor to one of the brand's most popular nameplates, and one of the most affordable 4x4s in the world. Many have commented on the cool retro looks for Suzuki's diminutive 4x4, particularly how it resembles models like the G-Class from Mercedes or even the Defender from Land Rover. 

Well, it seems the internet has responded, and the Photoshop-savvy among the 2019 Jimny fans have made some rather creative interpretations of the upcoming Suzuki 4x4.

Suzuki Jimney Modified

The actual names of the artists are unknown, though some have watermarked their images for better identification. Someone named “ID” made a render of a Jimny with a long, pick-up style bed, which we're really digging. Another artist came up with a 4-door Jimny with a smaller bed similar to the Land Cruiser pick-up; a utilitarian Jimny certainly sounds appealing.

Suzuki Jimney Modified

Some envisioned the Jimny with a soft or open top. An artist with the watermark CALMINI rendered a Jimny for off-roading with a steel bumper, all-terrain tires, auxiliary LED lights, and even an open rear. HY_DSGN envisioned a Jimny with slimmer headlights and a soft top. Another soft top mod came from X-Tomi Design with a roofless Jimny; all you have is a roll bar.

Suzuki Jimney Modified

RTW's modded Jimny came with off-the-shelf accessories like a Yakima roof rack, Hella driving lights, among others. Another Jimny was modded with roof-mounted LEDs, a beefy steel bumper with a winch, as well as wider off-road tires. One guy even slammed the Jimny to the ground; stance, anyone?

But perhaps our favorite one was the one by S.F.D. (main image) simply because the Jimny was modded to look like the younger (albeit Japanese) cousin of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class 4x4 Squared.

The Jimny is expected to arrive in the Philippines sometime late next year. If you get one, will you restyle it to look similar to any of these digitally-modded ones?