Faraday Future's concept SUV, the FF 91, was originally unveiled to the public back during the CES 2017. Since then, the car has been displayed in different places, albeit in static form. However, the company has recently released a new video giving a first look at the FF 91 concept on the roads.

The short minute video, titled Emergence, starts off by showing the lush sights of mountain roads before showing the FF 91 on the move through the roads. It then follows the FF 91 as it moves on from the mountain roads to the city suburbs. Faraday Future has not provide any additional information of the FF 91 concept in the new video. This leaves the public with information that was already released during its public debut earlier this year.

Faraday Future moves into motion with FF 91 video

From the details already released, the FF 91 concept SUV will come with a 1,050 horsepower electric power train and over 1,800 Nm of torque. From a standstill, the concept is said to do 0-96 km/h in just 2.39 seconds, which is faster than a handful of high performance cars in the market right now. Faraday Future also promises that it will do 608 kilometers in one charge.

Production of the FF 91 is said to be scheduled for 2018, if it does reach production, with a smaller “Project 81” in the works as well. But as of the moment however, the FF 91 will remain a concept.