Do you frequent either Skyway or NAIAX on a fun run? Well, you'll have to watch your speed a little more diligently. Skyway O&M Corporation (Skyway SOMCO), the group responsible for the two expressways, have installed more speed cameras along the route.

Based on the images, the cameras that SOMCO installed are from Sensys Gatso. These are the advanced T-Series fixed enforcement cameras and uses radar to clock vehicles traveling on the road. It triggers when a certain speed is detected and snaps a photo of the vehicle sailing past the speed limit. And just to be certain about the car in question, there is a mark on the car the speed camera had tagged.

Heads up: More speed cameras along Skyway, NAIAX image

Once the vehicle has been caught by the camera, it shows a description of the event. Details include the time and date offense was committed, direction of the vehicle, which lane the offender was driving on, violation, and speed. At night, the camera flashes to take a clearer photo of the speeding vehicle. These cameras are constantly monitored around the clock.

Of course, Skyway SOMCO didn't say where exactly the cameras are located. They also didn't say how many they added on Skyway and NAIAX. All the more reason to stick to the speed limit, then. With that, Skyway SOMCO would like to remind motorists that the speed limit along Skyway is 100 km/h, and 60 km/h along NAIAX for passenger cars, pickups, and SUVs. For buses and PUVs, it's 60 km/h for Skyway.

So if you're blasting along either of the highways at night and see a flash, you might just get summons in the mail.