Japanese tuning company DAMD has been building bodykits for a number of Japanese vehicles for quite some time now. More so, they aren't just focused on making parts for sports cars. DAMD also make body kits for more practical, everyday vehicles such as the Mazda CX-5, Toyota Alphard and much more Japan-only models.

Feel like a racer with DAMD's Performance steering wheel

Aside from body kits, the Japanese tuner also builds sportier steering wheels fit for a number of Mazda and Subaru vehicles. Their most recent creation, called the DAMD Performance Steering Wheel, gives drivers a more race car style feel as the wheel itself now displays various parameters of the vehicle thanks to an LED indicator and an OLED monitor at the top.

The interface displays a large number of information on the vehicle without the driver having to gaze away to look at info while driving. It is connected via an OBD 2 port and comes with two functions: Drive Mode and Sports Mode. In drive mode, vehicle speed, RPM, oil and water temperatures, battery voltage, and fuel consumption are just some of the parameters which can be displayed on the steering wheel. For the track junkies, just switch the steering wheel to Sport Mode and it now access features such as a stopwatch, show lap times and even a G-Sensor. You can also see the time it takes for your vehicle to go from 0 to 400m.

Feel like a racer with DAMD's Performance steering wheel

Much like their standard Sport Steering Wheel, DAMD's Performance Steering Wheels come with a flat bottom and finger bolsters at the three and nine'o clock positions to improve driving feel. It is wrapped in black leather and contrasted by red stitching.

For the time being, the new Performance Steering Wheel is only available on a number of models including the Subaru Levorg and WRX/STI (VA), the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ, the Mazda MX-5, CX-5, 3, 2, and the CX-3. DAMD plans to offer the new steering wheel to the rest of the Subaru line up, and the Nissan GT-R. Prices begin at 98,000 Yen (Php 47,300).