Volkswagen's latest concept vehicle is aimed specifically at those who love spending time in the great wilderness. Called the California XXL, it certainly lives up to its name given its tall large structure. Basically, one could compare to the ever popular RV van or caravans. However unlike RV's, the California XXL concept has numerous creature comforts installed to make one feel right at home, or even better.

Feel right at home with Volkswagen's California XXL concept

Starting with its most noticeable feature, the California XXL stands very tall, specifically at 2,200mm. This allows it to have a very spacious cabin, with tons of headroom; allowing people inside to move about freely. In fact, it has a complete livng and dining area, even a shower room with sink and toilet. Furthermore, one can prepare meals inside the kitchen, while children can sleep in the rear sleeping area.

At night, the main sleeping area for adults can be pulled out. Thanks to the panoramic roof, one can see the night sky above, enabling stargazing from the comfort inside the California XXL. Once morning comes, the bed an once again easily be stowed away. Hiden inside the tailgate are two camping chairs for outdoor relaxation.

Feel right at home with Volkswagen's California XXL concept

Undereath the California XXL concept, is essentially a Volkswagen Crafter. Powering it is the same Crafter turbo diesel engine which outputs 177 PS and 410 Nm of torque, enough to get the large motorhome moving. It comes standard with 4Motion all-wheel-drive inorder to go over rough terrain easily.

For now, the Volkswagen California XXL remains a concept. There is still no word whether the German automaker will put it into production.