A roadster version of the Ferrari 488 will be available soon as the Italian automaker recently revealed the Spider variant of the two-seater sports car ahead of its September debut in Frankfurt.

Billed by Ferrari as their most powerful ever mid-engined V8 to feature a retractable hard top, the 488 Spider is touted to blend aerodynamic efficiency, roadster styling and lightweight, rigid aluminum chassis technology.

The 488 Spider has an aluminum spaceframe chassis that consists of 11 different aluminum alloys and other metals such as magnesium. With it, Ferrari claims that the 488 Spider yields the same torsional rigidity and beam stiffness of the coupe version.

Ferrari 488 Spyder side

It is one of the most aerodynamically efficient models by Ferrari thanks to an array of aero solutions that delivers optimal downforce and less drag. In addition, a blown spoiler and an aerodynamic underbody with what the company calls 'vortex generators', ensures the 488 Spider remains planted to the ground.

Instead of a traditional fabric soft top, Ferrari installed a retractable hard top (RHT) for the 488 Spider. The automaker stated that the application of a hard top meant a 25kg reduction in weight while also providing better cabin comfort. The RHT folds backwards in two overlapping sections that rests on the engine in a compact fashion. It will only take 14 seconds for the roof to fully deploy and retract.

Ferrari 488 Spider rear

An electronically-controlled glass rear wind stop has also been fitted on the car as a means to give additional comfort when the roof is down.

Driving the rear wheels of the 488 Spider is the same 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 found in the 488 GTB. It belts out 670 PS at 8,000 rpm along with 760 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. It is then mated to a 7-speed F1-style dual clutch transmission that allows it to leap from 0 – 100 km/h in 3 seconds before hitting its 325 km/h top speed.