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Ferrari celebrates Enzo's 120th birthday with special exhibit


Four-seater models Enzo Ferrari personally drove are on display

This year marks the 120th birthday of Enzo Ferrari... that's if he were still alive today. That said, the Ferrari Museum has launched two special exhibits to commemorate their founder's day of birth. The special exhibits showcase both the man, Enzo Ferrari himself, and the machines that he created and also drove in.

Specifically, the two new exhibitis are called “Driven by Enzo” and “Passion and Legend”. The former exhibit seems to be the more interesting one as it follows the life of Enzo Ferrari and the four-seater modlesthat he personally drove during his lifetime. While he was known for trying out every car produced, he was particularly akin to four-seater cars for his daily use. In the exhibition, visitors will be able to see Enzo's personal 1960 Ferrari 250 GT 2+2. Along with it are the 400 GTi, the 412, and the 456 GT, a car he personally approved.


In the other exhibit, “Passion and Legend”, it tells the story of Enzo Ferrari and his company retraced through the numerous cars and images over the course of 70 years. On display is the brand's current flagship model, the 812 Superfast as well as the 1948 166 Inter, regarded as the first Ferrari mainly for road use.

There are also other vehicles in the exhibit where classic Ferrari meets modern-day supercars such as the 1956 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta “Tdf”, the Dino 246 displayed together with a much newer F12tdf as well as a 488 GT3 racecar. Aside from the cars, there are also numerous images of Enzo Ferrari himself in various stages of his life.

Should you happen to be vacationing in Italy, do try to drop by and visit the home of Ferrari in Maranello. You might pick up a thing or two from the Prancing Horse's founder. Both special exhibitions will be available to the public until May 2019.

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