In a bid to fight the pandemic and aid their country's front liners, Ferrari and their clients recently held a fundraiser. The Italian automaker said that they will be matching the amount their clients will raise and in a matter of just a few days, the total donations have amounted to € 1 million.

But just because they reached the million mark, it doesn't mean that they will stop the call for donations. In fact, Ferrari and its clients have called on more owners to donate to the cause. The efforts to raise cash will continue over the coming weeks, says Ferrari.

Once the fundraising has been completed, it will first be donated to the Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale or AUSL. AUSL located in Modena, the birthplace of Ferrari, and the hospital itself is the local health care unit of the Italian National Health Service. The funds will then be used to treat patients affected by COVID-19 and to purchase medical aids and equipment to turn the tide of infections.

Aside from helping front liners and those afflicted by the disease, Ferrari and their customers will also donate to Telemedicine. Telemedicine allows for remote monitoring of citizens with potential COVID-19 symptoms through devices connected to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. With the help of Ferrari and their clients, AUSL now has this patient monitoring technology that helps keep doctors and nurses in Modena to stay safe. Ferrari had even donated an ambulance to the local hospital.

Ferrari is one of the many automakers that have been proactively helping in the efforts to aid those in the medical field, as well as patients. Lately, several car companies have been making PPEs or Personal Protective Equipment for those working in hospitals and others have even been building ventilators for patients as well.