Three years after the LaFerrari broke cover, Ferrari have now quietly gone back to the drawing board to develop its successor. It’s a bit too early to get excited over this car however, as the Italian company is still in preliminary stages of developing the vehicle. All that can be confirmed is that Ferrari has reached an agreement with its long-time engineering, design, and software partner Altair Product Design.

Among the roles of Altair is preparing the platform of the LaFerrari successor. Supposedly this platform will be used for “several new flagship vehicle derivatives”, and currently a team of engineers and designers from the company are studying the manufacturing and design processes of Ferrari’s own crew.

Since the LaFerrari (pictured above) made its debut three years ago, it’s safe to say that its successor is roughly half a decade away from hitting the pavement. Still, Altair confirms that the next flagship’s platform will be ‘at least 15 percent lighter’ than the LaFerrari; All while improving strength and reducing noise and vibration levels by 20 percent.

When you look at it from a numbers’ standpoint, the next flagship could potentially weigh as little as 1,350kg versus the LaFerrari’s 1,585kg.

“I love the Next Generation architecture, it has an organic nature, with the structure flowing smoothly from sections to joints,” says Dr. Royston Jones, executive VP European operations and global CTO at Altair Product Design. “It’s an outcome of a massive deployment of structural optimization defining optimum material layout resulting in outstanding weight / performance characteristics. I believe it truly warrants the title of Next Generation and importantly, repays Ferrari’s trust.”