It was last year when we first saw reports that hybrid-powered Ferrari models would soon make its debut in the market. And no, we’re not talking about special, limited edition models such as the hybrid LaFerrari, but rather production models similar to the 488 and GTC4Lusso. Unlike the LaFerrari though, these hybrid models were reported to have the capability of running on electric power alone.

Now, it seems as though the hybrid Ferrari will be arriving earlier than we expected. How soon? Later this year. 

Speaking with Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri, Automotive News reports that the prancing horse brand will be introducing a new hybrid supercar later this year. More so, Camilleri mentioned that it will not be limited-edition model but a production model and will have a ‘regular lifecycle’. Unfortunately, no further details were revealed by Camilleri regaring the hybrid Ferrari.

However, a source familiar with the project told Automotive News that the new car will not be revealed in Geneva next month, but at a specific event later this year. Furthermore, the source added that the hybrid Ferrari will use a gasoline-powered V8 coupled by an electric motor, which will help boost performance and lower emissions at the same time.

Aside from the upcoming hybrid model, Camilleri also mentioned that 60% of Ferrari’s portfolio will have hybrid variants by the year 2022. The company then plans to launch a fully electric model after 2022, but did not disclose any details regarding the Ferrari EV. 

Once this hybrid V8 model debuts, it will be the second Ferrari to ever have a hybrid system following the LaFerrari. It will also be the first of many more hybrid Ferrari models to come.

Source: Automotive News