Ferrari's hypercar will soon be available as a convertible after the Maranello-based automaker revealed the first images of the LaFerrari Spider. Set to make its official debut at this year's Paris Motor Show, Ferrari said the LaFerrari Spider hypercar stellar performance and open-air motoring.

Extensive modifications on the carbon fiber chassis were done in order to for the LaFerrari Spyder to retain the same level of torsional rigidity and stiffness as with the coupe. Moreover, the aerodynamics were also tweaked in order for the convertible to get the same drag coefficient even with the top off.

Rear quarter of the LaFerrari Spider

When released, it will be available with either a removable carbon fiber hardtop or soft top. Aesthetically, almost every key exterior detail has been carried over, except for the red-strip accent that can be seen on the hood, side skirt, front lip spoiler, rear engine cover and inside the cabin.

Powering the LaFerrari Spider will still be the 6.2-liter naturally aspirated V12 that is helped along by a hybrid system. The V12 alone produces 800 PS while the electric motor provides an additional 163 PS. In total, the LaFerrari powertrain produces an impressive 963 PS and nearly 900 Nm of torque.

Top view of the LaFerrari Spider

Other key details and specifications of the LaFerrari Spider will be revealed during the 2016 Paris Motor Show come October.