Don't get confused if you see a Ferrari that can accommodate four people inside it, you just saw the Ferrari FF. The Ferrari FF, or “Ferrari Four” is Ferrari's first ever four-wheel drive superhatchback that utterly changes the whole GT sports car concept,hailing nothing short of a revolution in the performance auto world.

The FF is styled by Pininfrina and its overall design balances sportiness and versatility, which clearly shares some of the designs from contemporary Ferrari models, like the 458 Italia's pulled-back headlights and the twin circular taillights that is seen on the 599 GTB Fiorano as well.

The FF also sets a new benchmark in terms of sheer innovation. The FF is the first and only V12 in the world to sport a seven-speed dual-clutch F1 gearbox and it boasts a 20 percent increase in power with a 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption. The GDIV12 engine is matedwith the E-Diff, a term they use for arear-mounted electronic differential.


"This new Ferrari takes the Prancing Horse into new territory, matching the legendary performance, style and driving excitement expected of a Ferrari with new levels of ability thanks to its unique four-wheel drive system and its spacious and flexible interior which makes it the most useable and versatile supercar built by Ferrari,"says Simon Inglefield, Head of Ferrari Asia Pacific,"It is, therefore, no surprise, to leam that this new model has generated high levels of excitement and interest amongst both existing Ferrari owners and prospective owners."


Tthe FF also guarantees this exceptional performance on terrain with very low grip coefficients, thanks to Ferrari’s own patented 4RM four-wheel drive system. The FF intelligently distributes torque to each of the four wheels individually, thanks to the fact that all of the dynamic vehicle controls (E-Diff, F1-Trac and PTU) have been integrated into a single CPU.

The spacious cabin with body-hugging seats is roomy enough to accommodate four while its 450-litersboot's capacity can be increased to 800liters when the rear seats are folded down, offering more luggage space than any other car in its category.

Rear Seats

"The Ferrari FF breaks free from the traditional Grand Tourer theme but as the first Ferrari with four-wheel drive, it blends extreme performance and the adaptability and usability of a genuine Grand Tourer" said Autostrada Motore Inc. Chair and President Wellington Soong.

The Ferrari FF can now be purchased through Autostrada Motore Inc., the official importer and distributor of Ferrari cars in the Philippines.