Ferrari takes car shopping to a whole new level with a new in-store app that not only gives the customers the flexibility of skin-deep alterations but also allows them to look and change virtually anything they want to get a fully bespoke Ferrari.

Partnering with app developer Zspace and augmented reality solutions provider Metaio, Ferrari has a showroom companion that comes pre-installed in a tablet for buyers to use to execute the basic color change of a Ferrari they want to buy or go more in-depth with an x-ray view of the interior and hidden parts and for more tech wizardry, disassemble components like the brakes and see how it gets put together with the 3D feature.  It also lets you see how aerodynamic it is with a view of it inside a wind tunnel.

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After the look-see, the app with its full configuration tool, will allow the buyer to spec out the car so that they get exactly the kind of Ferrari they’ve always dreamed of.  The app also renders footage of the custom build for the buyer to take home and ogle at while the real thing is being built from scratch.

All the buyer needs to do is point the tablet at the desired car and start customizing it to their heart’s content all without the dealership having to order any part or do any of the dirty work.

The app uses Metaio’s proprietary 3D tracking technology that gauges the distance between panels of the car to determine what model it is before presenting it in virtual form on the tablet’s screen.

For now, the app only offers augmented reality views of five Ferrari models, 458 Speciale and Spider, the FF, the California, and the F12berlinetta but don’t be surprised if it will soon cover the entire lineup.  It is also only available in Japan and Australian showrooms at the moment.