Apple fans can rejoice.  After teasing with jaw-dropping features of iPhone-to-vehicle seamless integration, one automaker is the first to release a vehicle with completely functioning Apple CarPlay.

Ferrari wins the race to bring CarPlay to the public by installing it in the next batch FF’s that will be delivered.

After several firm commitments from several automakers including Audi promising to have CarPlay in models launched in 2015, Honda, Volvo, Mercedes and Jaguar, the Prancing Horse beats everyone to the punch.

Apple CarPlay compared to the basic Bluetooth smartphone-to-vehicle connection is comprehensive.  Launched at the Geneva Motor Show in March of this year, it will enable hands-free calling, messaging and ease of use of third party apps that have developed their respective CarPlay versions.  Users will also have complete and easy access of the iPhone’s music library, Apple Maps

Aftermarket systems have also joined that bandwagon with Pioneer and Alpine expressing their support for Apple CarPlay in the upcoming models.

Aside from the FF, CarPlay will also be in the new California T convertible when it hits the market.

The first Ferrari FF’s with Apple CarPlay will be in the hands of their Italian owners by this week while overseas owners will have to wait a little longer.