Ferrari upgrades Portofino M with new look, better emissions

The Portofino may still be a very new car for Ferrari, but already they've decided to give it a fairly neat upgrade and a subtle design update.

Ferrari has just revealed the new version of the Portofino via their first online launch event, and they're calling it the Portofino M... and M stands for 'Modificata' or modified.

The Portofino M, just like the model it replaces, will be a key model for Ferrari as their entry point into the brand. It's a retractable hardtop with a front-engine, rear-wheel drive layout which followed the very popular Ferrari California and the California T.

The redesign was more evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with Ferrari opting to refine the model to look more sporty than the previous Portofino. Ferrari achieved this by restyling the model with a more aggressive aerodynamic front bumper with larger air intakes, new aluminum slats on the grille, revised rear bumpers, and new diamond finish wheels.

2021 Ferrari Portofino M image

The design updates are also very much functional in terms of aerodynamics particularly with reducing drag and improving downforce; the most visible change is the addition of a new rear diffuser that is separate from the bumper assembly.

Inside, Ferrari made some design updates as well with their choices of materials, but overall the interior is largely carried over such as the segmented dashboard, the magnesium seats, and the technology side.

The major change with the Portofino M is the power unit, and Ferrari says it was largely prompted by new Euro-6D emissions standards. As such, they have had to fit a new GPF or gasoline particulate filter to the 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine in order to comply with emissions standards. However, Ferrari was able to achieve more horsepower in the Portofino M with 600 PS versus the 600 PS in the Portofino, despite the new emissions standards that normally rob a vehicle of power.

2021 Ferrari Portofino M image

Ferrari says that they were able to compensate for the lost performance by upgrading a few things with the engine. One key upgrade mentioned during the online press conference was a new camshaft profile for more efficient combustion. Ferrari also added a speed sensor for the twin turbo system in the Portofino M, allowing the turbines to spin at 5000 rpm more. Ferrari also focused on recapturing the sound which would have been affected by the installation of the GPF, and they did it with a redesigned exhaust system with silencers removed.

But perhaps the most major upgrade to the Portofino M is the new 8-speed wet (oil bath) dual clutch that replaces the 7-speed DCT. Ferrari says the new DCT with the extra 8th gear allows them to achieve smoother shifts both in low speed urban driving (i.e. traffic), better fuel economy to comply with the new standards, as well as improved response.

2021 Ferrari Portofino M image

The Portofino M comes with a lot of the great technologies in the Ferrari range such as the Mannetino (Wet, Comfort, Sport, Race, ESC-Off) system, ESC, VDC, the Side Slip Control (SSC) for some dynamic but controlled drifting, E-Diff, F1-TCS, SCM-E, and the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (FDE) control systems that adjusts braking pressure to all four wheels.

The Ferrari Portofino M can achieve 0 to 100 km/h times of 3.45 seconds, a 0 to 200 km/h sprint in 9.8 seconds, and go on to a top speed of 320 km/h.

Ferrari says the Portofino M will first be available in left-hand drive countries in Europe before rolling out to other markets worldwide.