In 2007, a new Guinness World Record for the Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars was set with 490 participants at the Silverstone Circuit. Well, 5 years on, Ferrari is getting ready to break their own record... by over 100%.

Ferrari North Europe, the organizer of the event in 2007 and again in 2012, reportedly has 1000 cars registered to break the GWR they had back then. During Ferrari Racing Days in 2007 on the Silverstone Circuit, 385 cars were initially recorded, but was later increased to 490. The ambition of the group was always to set the record at 1000 cars, and now they seem to have the participation they need.

Ferrari Racing Days 2012 will be held at Silverstone in the UK again from September 15 to 16. The increased interest is owed to the support of the Ferrari Owners Club and Ferrari enthusiasts from all around UK. Ferrari will also bring out some of their special models like the FXX and 599XX, as well as some historic Formula One cars.

For that weekend, Rosso Corsa will be the color of Silverstone.