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Fierce-looking MG X-Motion concept unleashed in Beijing


MG reveals possible flagship SUV, calls it the X-Motion concept

What looks mean and stylish in red? This, the sharp-dressed MG X-Motion concept. Blending both futuristic and eye-catching designs, the X-Motion could serve as the flagship crossover from MG should it reach production.

“We’re very excited to see X-motion unveiled in Beijing. This is further evidence of the emergence of MG as a serious player in the global market with advanced tech and stunning design. We’re yet to decide whether X-motion will come to the UK, but we can already see that MG’s design language and value-for-money approach are finding favour with British buyers who are choosing MG in ever-growing numbers,” said Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales and Marketing at MG Motor UK.


Touted to be the biggest, most high-tech model from MG, the X-Motion will come with the latest in design and technologies available to date. Starting with its exterior, the concept features a 'bold and dominant design that blends both muscular arches and flowing lines. According to MG, the X-Motion uses the company's Emotional Dynamism design philosophy.

But perhaps the most striking feature on the X-Motion is its 'stellar' front grill and huge air intakes on the front bumper. Other exterior elements present on the concept include custom LED 'hunter-eye' headlights, huge aluminum alloy wheels, a coupe-like roofline, sleek-looking taillights and its taill ride height.

Besides having a sweeping exterior, the X-Motion concept also borrowed technologies from parent company SAIC. While not exactly going into details, MG stated that it comes with a slew of in-car tech that will allow full connectivity. It also comes with intelligent safety systems and an electric powertrain that will emit zero emissions.

If the X-Motion does go into production, expect it to come with either a fully electric powertrain or a hybrid system. In terms of design, it's highly likely that it will have a toned-down exterior albeit still carrying familiar cues from the concept.

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