Here's an interesting development regarding a renowned automotive designer in the US.

Randy Rodriquez LinkedIn

According to the LinkedIn profile of Randy Rodriguez, the Filipino-Canadian designer has left Nissan Design America (NDA) and joined Elon Musk's Tesla Motors as Senior Lead Designer.

Nissan 370Z

Rodriguez is a 14-year veteran designer with San Diego-based NDA primarily responsible for the exterior look of the brand's most successful models. Among the models in Rodriguez's portfolio include the striking looks of the original 2009 Nissan 370Z sports car, the latest iteration of Nissan's Fairlady Z lineage.

Nissan Titan Warrior

The Filipino-Canadian was also the lead designer for the extremely well-received Nissan Titan Warrior Concept pick-up truck. Rodriguez characterized the truck as an automotive symbol of “suit of modern armor” through its “beefed up and muscular” design.

Infiniti SYNAPTIQ concept

The designer was also the lead for several concepts including the recent Infiniti Synaptiq, among others.

Icon A5

He has even worked on designing a folding wing, amphibious aircraft with ICON, a model that will see production this year after getting nearly 2000 orders.

The move to Tesla in Hawthorne, California will see him work with a team led by Franz von Holzhausen, the designer responsible for the Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3. Holzhausen was also the pen behind the Mazda Kabura as well as the Pontiac Solstice.