Now in the Philippines... a new, unique, exclusive eco-fuel saver that is a true technological breakthrough for significantly improving performance from gasoline, diesel or bio-diesel fuels, while reducing global-warming emissions.

Ultimate Mileage and Ecology Squared (Ultimate ME2) is a liquid fuel performance-enhancing additive that has been tested in a recognized independent laboratory (using United States Environmental Protection Agency, US-EPA, testing protocol SAE J1321 Type II) to dramatically reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency from all types of internal combustion engines, including gasoline, diesel and 2-stroke engines. Ultimate ME2 is the only product in its league to be EPA-tested and proven to have desirable results both on mileage and exhaust emissions.

In the aspect of fuel economy, vehicles using Ultimate ME2 get better fuel economy with the lab tests showing 13 percent increase in mileage in gasoline engines and a 16 percent increase in diesel engines.

Ultimate ME2 is environmentally friendly, non-metallic and non-polluting. The ingredients of Ultimate ME2 contains only liquid compounds of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon like the hydrocarbons in fuel itself. It breaks down the fuel molecules into finer particles (from longer to shorter chains). This creates a cooler, longer, more uniform and more complete combustion. This results in fewer emissions for the environment. In fact, the authoritative EPA 511 testing proved that Ultimate ME2 will result in 44% reduction in oxides of nitrogen emissions, 33% reduction in carbon monoxide and 7% reduction in hydrocarbon emissions.

Furthermore, while other similar fuel additives only work at times to clean the engine and cease to work once the engine is clean, Ultimate ME2 works even better over time, even with a clean engine.

With increased mileage translating to fuel conservation as well as reduced exhaust emissions, the Ultimate ME2 could definitely help the Philippines reach the acceptable standard for air pollution and contribute in alleviating global warming.

Local marketing firm Orientrends, Inc. got the exclusive right to market and distribute the product in the Philippines from US-based Essentially Yours Industries (International) Limited, an integrated marketing company offering an extensive line of cutting-edge, quality products in the following categories: nutritional supplements, water filtration and fuel additives.

EYI International President and CEO Dori James O'Neill has a great deal of experience in identifying and marketing environmentally beneficial products. In the early 1990's, O'Neill identified and marketed an environmentally-friendly insecticide to the grain industry in China, Japan, North America and numerous European countries. The introduction of this product has helped reduce the amounts of residual pesticides found in stored grain throughout the world.

Dedicated and committed to introducing Ultimate ME2 to the Philippines, O'Neill is optimistic about the potential of this one-of-a kind, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, liquid fuel performance enhancing additive: "With the ever increasing concern over global warming and increasing pollution levels, Ultimate ME2 could definitely be part of the answer to dramatically reducing the ever increasing airborne pollution levels in Manila and other major Philippine cities."