Here’s a good development for those looking to replace the tires on their compact cars soon.

Firestone has just re-entered the Philippine market through Philippine Allied Enterprises Corporation. PAEC is also the official distributor of Bridgestone which, incidentally, also owns Firestone.

“We’re excited to bring the iconic Firestone [brand] back. As a brand built on quality and dependability, our customers can look forward to affordable tires that will keep them safe and comfortable on the road," said Mr. Steven Tagle, PAEC’s AVP for Sales.

The company will bring in the Firestone FS100 Touring tire and will come in a range of specifications from 14 to 15 inches. The sizes were specified so as not to compete directly with similar Bridgestone models, the reason being that Firestone will be marketed for customers who want a high quality, durable, and affordable tire for their compact car.

Interestingly enough, PAEC’s AVP says that Firestone’s compact car will be priced around 30% lower than similar Bridgestone tires of the same size.

Along with the FS100 Touring, Firestone will be introducing the FS555 for commercial and truck applications.

Later in the year, PAEC aims to introduce a range of affordable SUV and motorcycle tires. According to Steven Tagle, Firestone will be backed by a local 5-year limited warranty.