If you are one of the first 100 to reserve for the Honda Civic Type R, chances are, your car has arrived in the country. Honda Cars Philippines Inc. has announced that the first batches of their all-new hot hatch have rolled off the port.

For those who want to see the car in the metal, select Honda dealerships will also be displaying the Civic Type R. Dealership visitors and customers can expect to see it in key showrooms starting on the second week of October 2017. Eventually, other dealerships will have their own display unit in their respective showroom in the following months.

Given that this current model, the FK, is the first Type R to be officially sold in the country, the initial batch of 100 cars were spoken for within two days from its official announcement. HCPI will also be holding an exclusive event early 2018 once deliveries are completed as a special treat to the first owners of the Civic Type R in the country.

To recap, this generation of the Civic Type R is the fifth iteration of Honda's hot hatchback. Its lineage dates back 20 years and has since gone through dramatic changes. Powering the 2017 Civic Type R is a 2.0-liter K20AC1 engine, producing an output of 310 PS and 400 Nm of torque. Other noteworthy features include a 6-speed manual transmission with rev match control system and reshaped body panels for enhanced aerodynamics. Meanwhile, two color choices are available for local-spec models, namely Championship White and Rallye Red.