Souped up Shelby Super Snake is now officially in the Philippines

Late last year, Autohub Group of Companies announced that they have been appointed as the exclusive distributor of Shelby in the Philippines.

Now, Autohub has just announced that the first Shelby units have arrived in the country under an official dealer. Previously, Shelby units were only available through gray market importers.

To mark the arrival of Shelby in the Philippines, the company launched the 800+ HP Super Snake. Based on the Mustang GT, the Shelby Super Snake delivers mean looks, with matching performance from a supercharged V8.

800+ HP Shelby Super Snake now in the Philippines image

The Super Snake serves as Shelby's most powerful Mustang as it is powered by a highly-modified 5.0-liter V8. With a Ford Performance supercharger under the hood, the Super Snake doles out an impressive 710 PS. But for those that prefer a bit more oomph from the V8, there's the option of equipping it with a Whipple supercharger which ups the ante to 825 PS.

Aside from the supercharger upgrade, Shelby also installed performance half shafts, transmission cooler (for automatic versions), a one-piece driveshaft, as well as a Ford Performance exhaust system. To keep the V8 at optimal temperatures, the Super Snake comes with a Shelby extreme cooling system that consists of an aluminum radiator, aluminum tank, and a heat exchanger.

800+ HP Shelby Super Snake now in the Philippines image

Giving the Super Snake better handling comes courtesy of a Ford Performance Track Pack suspension, along with Shelby performance tires. Meanwhile, Brembo brakes provide the Super Snake with better stopping power. The front set gets six-piston calipers while the rear comes with four-piston calipers.

As far as exterior upgrades are concerned, the Super Snake gets a new front grille and bumper, more aggressive rocker panels, a front splitter, rear spoiler, as well as a rear diffuser for better aerodynamics. Shod in the wheel wells are 20-inch forged aluminum alloys. The cabin of the Super Snake Mustang is upgraded with new floor mats and door sill plates, gauge cluster with gauges, custom Shelby badging on the engine cover, and dashboard.

800+ HP Shelby Super Snake now in the Philippines image

“We are thrilled to finally unleash the Shelby brand to our market!” said Mr. Willy Tee Ten, president of Autohub Group of Companies. “Indeed the iconic Shelby brand will bring more excitement and fuel passion to motorists and petrol-heads alike,”

The Shelby Super Snake is now available for retail at Autohub Car Care Services (ACCS). As for the price, well, you'll have to make a serious inquiry to find out.