The First Philippine International Motor Show is off to a rousing start this August 9, with the theme, "Shifting to Higher Gear," drawing a large segment of discriminating car buyers, hobbyists, and professionals of all ages, occupations and pursuits at World Trade Center, Manila. The event will reach an exciting climax on August 12, 2007,

The premier motor show, initiated by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI), banks on a powerful exhibitor profile consisting of the movers & shakers of the local vehicle industry and other reputable auto-related firms, most of whom show a positive business stance and outlook amidst a buoyant economy. Being backed up by the country's leading auto manufacturers, assemblers and importers, the 1st Philippine International Motor Show which is expected to be graced by special guests from government, elected officials, foreign dignitaries and captains of the automotive industry -- reaffirms the local auto industry's strength as an integral part of the growing regional automotive landscape.

A spectacular showcase of the latest sedans, sports utility vehicles, multi-purpose vans, pick-ups and light commercial vehicles are set to captivate the motoring public, while industry practitioners are all set to help promote invaluable interchanges pertaining to car-related technologies. A flurry of activities and other special attractions await show visitors for the duration of the four-day motor show. Apart from the high-impact exhibitor presentations, also unfolding in conjunction with the exhibition event is the 1st PIMS Transport Design Competition. This is aimed at discovering new transportation design talents, particularly young design students with a knack for auto design, and who may provide transportation solutions for tomorrow's modern city landscape. Open to schools offering industrial design and engineering courses, the 2007 PIMS Transport Design Competition hopes to draw attention to transportation and product design as a viable and important career choice which may open new directions, markets and possibilities to all and sundry.

The 2007 PIMS Transport Design Competition comes at an opportune time. A major criterion is the practical application of design entries to the real world, with consideration for environmental issues and viable alternatives to existing road conditions. The challenge that young design students/professionals will take on is the design of a vehicle that would transport people and goods within the city, or from one province to another. Purely invitation for the first year of competition, the 1st PIMS Transport Design Competition has respected personalities in the panel of judges. These include Design Director Ed Calma, auto engineer & technical expert Minoru Goku, Transportation Design Program originator Christopher Lacson, and vehicle technical designer Allen Rufo .

Other special events are the Automotive Exhibit, Die-Cast and Scale Model Exhibit, Technology and Advocacy seminars, and Vehicle Test Drive with BPI Family Savings Bank special "Auto Madness Time" auto financing rate .

Participating car companies at the inaugural international motor show are: Columbian Autocar Corporation, Honda Cars Philippines Inc., General Motors Philippines Inc., Hyundai Asia Resources Inc., Isuzu Philippines Corp., Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp., Nissan Motor Philippines Inc., PGA Cars Inc., Scandinavian Motors Corp., Suzuki Philippines Inc., Toyota Motor Philippines Inc., Universal Motors Corp.

Check out the hottest products and services falling in various categories at the World Trade Center. No other event packs such a wide array of vehicles and "cars of the future" characterized by timeless beauty, power and performance.

The First Philippine International Show is sponsored by Shell (Official Petroleum Sponsor), BPI Family Savings Bank (Official Auto Financing Partner), Solar Sports/ Solar Auto Club (Official TV Partner), (Official Online Partner) and Top Gear (Official Magazine Partner). Other major sponsors are Motolite (Official Battery Sponsor), Bosch, and Ambi-Pur . The event is being managed by TradeShow International, Inc.