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First pictures of the BMW 8 Series leak online


2018 BMW 8 Series unofficially revealed in concept guise

The BMW 8 Series revival is now in full swing. Weeks after the announcement of its production plans, the first photos of BMW's Grand Tourer have leaked online. At the moment, it is still in concept guise but the German automaker has slated the road-going version's debut by 2018.

Looking at the concept, it follows the lines of the car that has been spied by CarPix in the past. It follows the classic GT car proportions of a long, low hood and a short rear deck. Classic BMW styling cues are present in the 8 Series concept, namely the L-shaped tail lights, the Hoffmeister Kink and, of course, a bold kidney grill.


Besides the familar design cues, we see slender headlights at the front, featuring a more aggressive interpretation of the corona rings, another BMW signature. Large air intakes flank the corners of the front bumper while a prominent power bulge on the hood rounds up its front fascia.

On to its side, there are air outlets on the fender, similar to the one seen in BMW's newest offerings, namely the 7 Series and 5 Series. The rear meanwhile sees a high deck with a more dramatic take on BMW's 'flame surfacing' design philosophy. Also present is a uniquely designed rear bumper that features air outlets at the corner and trapezoidal exhaust pipes. Expect a toned down version of the concept once the 8 Series hits production.

At the moment, little is known about the upcoming 8 Series. Do expect a turbocharged inline-six and a twin-turbocharged V8 to power BMW's GT coupe. More information, as well as possible interior photos, will be revealed soon.

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