Tesla’s very first production unit Model 3 has officially rolled off the factory. CEO Elon Musk was first to break the news on Twitter and has also released images of the first Model 3. For those who are wondering, the lucky owner of the pictured Model 3 chassis #0001 is none other than Musk himself. In fact, it was gifted to him by Ira Ehrenpreis, an early Tesla investor and board member, for his birthday.

Going over the production Model 3, not much seems to have been changed in the Model 3’s appearance. The design has remained faithful to the original Model 3 concept. Musk’s personal Model 3 has been finished in the color black and is fitted with the larger 19-inch wheels, though his options are limited. To simplify the ordering process, Tesla has limited the number of possible configurations for early version Model 3’s. More options are expected however once Tesla reaches higher volumes.

First production Tesla Model 3 unit unveiled, goes to Elon Musk

Apart from the two photos, Musk has not revealed any further detail  about the Model 3’s technical aspect or interior. It seems as though Musk is trying not to divulge too much information until the launch, planned for the end of the month.

After building the first Model 3, Tesla will be building 30 more production units for the hand-over party on July 28. Once the units have been handed over, it is only then will Tesla open the online configurator to more reservation holders. Tesla expects that they will 100 deliveries for August, 1,500 for September and 20,000 deliveries per month beginning December.