Dyson. You perhaps know them as makers of vacuum cleaners or hair dryers.

So when they announced plans that they want to make cars, it raised quite a lot of eyebrows. After all, it's quite a bold move for an appliance company. Besides, what do they know about automotive design and engineering?

We won't know what Dyson's car will be like from an engineering standpoint but, as it turns out, they can sure pen a car that doesn't suck, nor blow.

A leaked patent image shows Dyson's mainstream ambitions, showing what appears to be a three-row crossover with a swoopy side profile. The patent drawing also shows frameless windows, giving it a bit of a 'floating roof' look'. Also, these photos suggest that it will have hinged doors and no sliding rear doors due to the absence of a rail at the rear quarters.

First sketches of Dyson vehicle show it might not suck after all  image

Surely, it's not something we'd expect from a company that specializes in household appliances. However, do note that these are just patent designs and the real deal could be toned down. Whether the production model will be faithful to the patent or not is yet to be determined.

But what is certain is its powertrain. From the start, Dyson said that their first foray into the automotive sector will be an electric vehicle. This is because Dyson has been investing in battery technology for quite some time already, and also because Dyson has long relied on electric power for their household products. It will also appear to be more challenging for a company who's devices are powered by electric to make an internal combustion engine from the ground up.

Dyson is targeting 2020 to be the launch year of their first car. In an age where electric vehicle start-ups are popping up left and right, Dyson has a lot to prove once their all-electric crossover is out in the market. The product should be good from the get-go too, as it has a lot of competition not just from Telsa, but big name automakers as well.