Fisker Automotive has not been active in the market for quite some time now. Last we heard from them was back in January 2018 when the electric automaker introduced the EMotion concept. At the time, they said that the EMotion will debut this year. However, that has yet to happen. Instead, the electric automaker has announced that they will be building a new electric SUV and is set to debut mid-2021.

Together with the announcement, Fisker also released a lone teaser photo of their yet-to-be-named electric SUV. From the photo showing the SUV's front end, we can see that its styling strays from the company's previous design language. In fact, it doesn't look like any Fisker model that has debuted before be it concept or production model. Going into the details, it features a large lower air intake to help with cooling. A small, center high-mounted radar fitted behind glass replaces the traditional grill. 22-inch wheels are optional choices. 

Performance figures have not been announced, but Fisker mentions that the electric SUV will be available with four-wheel drive driven by two electric motors placed at the front and rear axles. The EV will also have an acclaimed 483 km range thanks to an 80 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

Step inside and occupants will be greeted by a spacious interior complemented by 'modern aesthetics and high-quality materials'. A large panoramic sunroof will likely come standard. In front, the dashboard will feature a large heads-up display featuring a unique interface.

According to Fisker, the upcoming SUV will have a base price below USD 40,000 (Php 2,115,000). This puts it squarely at the same price range as the recently revealed Tesla Model Y. Unlike the Model Y though, the unnamed Fisker SUV is still a concept at this point with a prototype expected to be revealed by the end of 2019.

Aside from the SUV, Fisker announced that they will be building two other electric vehicles which are slated to debut at a later date.