Here are the (supposed) dimensions of the five-door Suzuki Jimny

It was only March of this year when we first saw spy pictures of what appeared to be a test mule of the supposed five-door Suzuki Jimny. While it may look like a slightly longer Jimny, we did notice it has a longer wheelbase than standard. Perhaps the three-door body was used to throw off spy photographers.

Fast forward to the present day, and specifications about the upcoming five-door SUV have been leaked. Starting with the dimensions, the five-door version will apparently still measure less than 4 meters long.

It will supposedly have a length of 3850mm and will have a 2550mm wheelbase. For reference, the PH-spec Jimny measures 3650mm long and gets a 2250mm wheelbase. This makes the five-door body style 200mm longer in length, and 300mm longer in terms of wheelbase. The width and height of the five-door Jimny, however, will be similar to that of the three-door; 1645mm and 1725mm, respectively.

Despite its supposed length, the five-door Jimny is actually shorter than the phased-out Honda Jazz as it measures 3989mm long. We're curious as to how spacious the five-door Jimny will be.

Five-door Suzuki Jimny to measure less than 4 meters long? image

The engine will reportedly still be the 1.5-liter K15B inline-four. However, there are reports going around that a turbo will be added to give it more power due to the extra bulk. In addition, a mild-hybrid powertrain will apparently be available too.

Speaking of bulk, the five-door version is also expected to weigh 100kg more than the three-door. This could be the reason why a turbocharger or mild-hybrid powertrain will be used on the five-door Jimny.

So we now have an idea of just how big the new five-door Jimny will supposedly be. But when will Suzuki actually launch it? The company is targeting a launch date sometime in 2022, with a global reveal expected in Q1. That means the Jimny could hit markets like the Philippines in Q2 or Q3 of next year.

Should the five-door Jimny actually be revealed next year, we're hoping that Maruti Suzuki will also build examples of the said SUV. After all, Suzuki Philippines is now sourcing Jimny units from India.

Source: Gaadiwaadi via Headlightmag