With all the fuss and weird predicaments the infamous ‘Florida Man’ gets himself in, it looks like Florida PD took notice and is making the necessary upgrades to keep would-be crooks in check. And in true American fashion, the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) gets some proper American Muscle to back up their standard fleet of patrol cars.

Posted on the FHP’s Twitter account is a brand new 2019 Dodge Challenger draped in FHP’s signature black and tan scheme.

From the outside, the Challenger appears relatively stock apart from the iconic black-and-tan of the FHP. We’d like to assume that inside there’s a bunch of gizmos that would help officers perform their duty, but so far the only items we know of are a Panasonic 360 degree HD camera as well as a vaguely mentioned ‘new lighting system’. This lighting system probably pertains to a set of blue and red sirens neatly tucked along the car’s body to improve aerodynamics.

Any Dodge afficionado will tell you that this particular unit is not a Hellcat. As cool as that sounds, it looks like we won’t be seeing a Hellcat Cop Car anytime soon because FHP’s Challenger is a standard R/T model. Then again, a 5.7L Hemi V8 pushing 370 PS shouldn’t be a slouch compared to standard issue police vehicles.

"As you can see, we take aggressive driving seriously!” FHP’s Tweet reads, “Please slow down, buckle up, reduce distractions. We are watching." It’s safe to say that whoever will be the lucky officer to patrol the streets in this would have a blast catching unsuspecting speeders.