Foilacar Industries is now offering its latest product, FoilaDip, an innovative spray-on paint protection and preservation product to the local market. According to Foilacar Industries, FoilaDip changes the way vinyl wraps are applied to vehicles.

Based on the US brand AutoDip, the product is a combination of high quality vinyl wrap with the ease of its spray-on application. With its unique application, it no longer needs any scuffing, sanding or other procedures needed in a normal paint preparation. Unlike the usual vinyl wrap, FoilaDip sprays on directly and requires less drying time. 

Foilacar introduces FoilaDip spray-on protection

FoilaDip's formula also contains a UV protection additive which, the company says, maintains finish for up to two years. Foilacar adds that it also has the ability to “self-heal” which prevents scratches and haze marks from making it to the applied panel. With its formula, FoilaDip stays malleable from the day it was sprayed until it is removed. Even if it is exposed to the elements, FoilaDip does not become brittle. Once applied, the top coat flexes and move about, to provide better protection for the paint. The product is also said to be resilient to the elements but still easy to remove while retaining the finish of the original coat underneath.

Available in a variety of colors, FoilaDip allows owners to change the color of their cars, wheels and other accessories at ease without the hassle of having them repainted. On top of that, it gives the car's bodywork an extra layer of protection.