Update: Mugen has now released the pricing for the spoiler, hood, and exhaust. Just like the rest of the parts, they are expensive. The carbon fiber hood alone will already set you back ¥ 1,100,000 (Php 509,000), making it the most expensive Mugen part. The rear wing, available in either carbon fiber or fiberglass, costs ¥ 990,000 (Php 458,000) and ¥ 297,000 (Php 137,000), respectively. Mugen's twin-tip exhaust retails for another ¥ 649,000 (Php 649,000).

At the 2019 Tokyo Auto Salon, Honda's in-house tuner, Mugen, introduced a new styling kit for the Honda Civic Type R. We're not talking about the questionably styled RC20GT, but rather the more subtle looking Mugen Civic Type R Prototype.

Six months later, Mugen has officially launched the production model parts of ever-popular FK8, and you can order them for your vehicles.

For around Php 1 million, get the full Mugen kit for the Civic Type R image

Based on the website, there is no official name given for the line of parts. Instead, we'll simply call it Mugen Civic Type R kit as seen on the license plate. Most of the parts fitted onto the concept car in Tokyo appear to have simply been carried over to the production model. The only visual changes we can see that won't be offered is the air vent on the hood.

At the moment, not all parts seen on the Mugen Civic Type R are being marketed just yet. For now, the tuning house in only offering the front and rear under spoiler, side skirts, carbon fiber grill garnish, front bumper garnish, and the tailgate spoiler. There are also other accessories such as the carbon fiber door mirror cover and ventilated visor. 20-inch forged aluminum Mugen MDCF wheels, clear LED taillights and hydrophobic LED mirrors complete the exterior changes.

For around Php 1 million, get the full Mugen kit for the Civic Type R image

Inside, Type R owners can order a Mugen steering wheel, Mugen MS-R seats by Recaro, sports matting, and various shift knobs. Those who want faster shift times can also order the Mugen quick shifter, which shortens the throw. Other extra include a Mugen start/stop switch and scuff plates.

Like most in-house tuner parts, the Mugen kit for the Civic Type R won't come cheap. The front and rear under spoiler, side skirt, and Mugen wheels alone will already cost ¥ 807,840 (Php 383,000). Meanwhile, the carbon fiber grill garnish alone is already ¥ 96,120 (Php 46,000) and the front bumper garnish is ¥ 44,000 (Php 21,000). Add the Mugen seat ¥ 264,000 (Php 125,000) and steering wheel ¥ 89,100 (Php 42,000) together with all the other Mugen accessories, and you'll probably be looking at around Php 800,000 total. Do remember that at that price, the adjustable rear wing, carbon fiber hood, and exhaust aren't included just yet.

For around Php 1 million, get the full Mugen kit for the Civic Type R image

So if you're planning to get the complete Mugen kit for your Civic Type R, do expect to shell out more than Php 1 million just for all of the parts alone. Remember, you have to ship it here too.

You may check out the complete Mugen parts list for the Honda Civic Type R here