The Consumer Electronics Show witnessed the launch of something unique for Ford SYNC users: the BeCouply app.

The app was designed as voice-activated aid for advice on a date; something similar to Siri but specific to the dating scene. Thanks to the new compatibility with Ford SYNC and AppLink, BeCouply can now be used in your car (Explorer and Focus)... in time for Valentine's Day.

Similar to Siri, you can ask your SYNC equipped car things like “What are some good date ideas nearby?” BeCouply and SYNC will list suggested date ideas like “Go bowling”. The user simply has to pick one and be guided to a nearby like a bowling alley.

“We are on a mission to help couples have epic social lives,” said Pius Uzamere, one of the proponents behind BeCouply. “Ford SYNC is a natural fit for BeCouply because -for many couples- date night begins in the car.”

Epic eh? We'll put it to the test.