The Ford Ranger and Ford Everest are some of the most versatile platforms out there. But aside from being capable on and off-road, these vehicles can be modified for more specialized duties. Ford Global Fleet Vehicles has a whole range of unique Everests and Rangers available.

You can even order one if you ask Ford kindly enough, or if you work with the government. But more on that later.

Ford can sell you an armored Ranger or Everest, but... image

For the Ranger, there are seven specialty vehicle versions available. The tactical light vehicle is something that would suit a SWAT team, while the tactical utility vehicle could see surveillance duties. There's even an assault vehicle for entering conflict-torn areas. And for those who deal with transporting money, there are two “cash in transit” vehicles on offer. Also, the police package looks like something our boys in blue might need. But if you need something subtle, there is also an armored Ranger that looks like a standard Wildtrak.

Ford can sell you an armored Ranger or Everest, but... image

As for the Everest, there are three special service options. Like the Ranger, there is a light utility vehicle decked out in camouflage. There is also a “cash in transit vehicle” and an armored civilian version. Curiously, there is no police package, which is unfortunate because we reckon the Everest looks good in police uniform.

Now, how can you order one? You will have to fire an e-mail to Ford Global Fleet Sales to inquire. And not all civilians can buy these unique Ranger and Everest models since these are mainly for fleet and government markets. But if you have a valid reason for having a bulletproof Everest or Ranger, then you can get your hands on it.

So, which one would you have? The armored civilian Everest looks pretty sweet in our opinion, plus it has the 2.0-liter bi-turbo under the hood.

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