A few months ago, Ford released a teaser image for a very interesting model: a new generation Bronco SUV. The announcement was very well received as the Bronco is one of the company's most popular and most recognizable nameplates. 

But in that same announcement, Ford hinted that they are also working on a yet-unnamed small utility crossover with off-road styling. No details have surfaced about what the crossover will be like, but given the description, many had already dubbed it the baby Bronco.

Now, however, there is some new information coming out of Detroit via Reuters: that crossover will be based on the same platform as the Ford Focus, and could be revealed as early as 2019. Reuters cited Hau Tai Tang, Ford's executive vice president for product development and purchasing, who was at an investor conference in New York city.

The report indicated that Tang said the model will have rugged styling similar to a classic Bronco, all while sharing its platform with the Focus. This means that the new crossover will also be closely related to the Escape and Kuga.

The upcoming Bronco will have a traditional chassis which is reportedly based on the Ranger pick-up. 

There was no mention if the model will be truly capable off-road, though given the description the vehicle could compete against a similar “rugged” small crossover from Jeep called the Renegade; which is based on an FCA car platform.

The move to build another crossover is logical given the news that Ford is looking to discontinue U.S. sales of 4-door saloons in favor of higher riding SUVs and crossovers.