Years after owners collectively filed a class action lawsuit, Ford has reached a settlement with Fiesta and Focus owners. Problems with Ford's dual-clutch transmission known as Powershift has affected nearly two million owners (and former owners) in the US alone.

The bill for this settlement? It is estimated to be a whopping $100 million, although that figure could be even higher. One of the lawyers who aided Fiesta and Focus owners said that Ford will have to pay out claims and will have to deal with each and every one of the affected cars until all owners are able to get compensation. That being said, the settlement is 'entirely reliant' on the owner's part if they still want to claim their money back or not.

Ford could pay $100 M for Powershift class action suit settlement image

Fiesta and Focus customers first filed the class action lawsuit as far back as 2012. They allege that the Ford Motor Company were aware of the transmission's fault and knowingly sold the product despite the said defect. Those who own (or owned) the cars with the said transmission said that it was prone to  “shuddering, slipping, bucking, jerking, hesitation while changing gears, premature internal wear, delays in downshifting and, in some cases, sudden or delayed acceleration.”

Affected models were the pre-facelift third-generation Focus (2011 to 2015) and the entire run of the sixth-generation Fiesta. Facelifted Ford Focuses were equipped with a conventional six-speed automatic in select market including ours and, therefore, not affected.

As of the end of 2019, a court document stated that Ford has bought back over 2,600 cars and spent over $47 million in buy backs in the US alone. Ford was also also fined in Australia, amounting to AUD S10,000,000 while Thai courts have hit the brand with a $720,000 fine. In the Philippines, Ford has promised that they will fix affected units as well.

Source: Detroit Free Press