Ford Motor Company is taking camera implementation to a whole new level by introducing technology on the new Ford Edge and Explorer that allows drivers to see around corners using the camera and monitor setup.

Using a 180-degree view of the area in front of the vehicle, Ford’s new system may potentially prevent an accident from happening by letting the driver see ‘traffic and obstacles that enter the vehicle’s path’ from both sides including the rear.

Called Split View, real-time video feeds from a 1-megapixel wide-angle lens cameras in the grille and tailgate are fed into a tri-panel display on the 8-inch screen. To avoid distraction, Split View automatically shuts off at 10 kilometers per hour or beyond.

Split View is now available on the 2015 Ford Edge and 2016 Explorer in the United States and China – Front Split View on the Edge and front and rear on the Explorer.

Ford plans to make Split View standard on all Ford SUVs globally by 2020.

The front and rear camera sports a tiny telescopic jet washer to keep it clear at all times.

Ford has worked extensively to ensure the reliability of their cameras. ‘Ford cameras are tested under extreme conditions – beyond what they will endure during a typical vehicle lifetime. Each camera component is subjected to more than 1,000 hours of testing to make sure it can withstand temperature changes, humidity, dust, salt and more. Ford engineers also immerse cameras to confirm the casing does not let water leak in,’ Ford said in a statement.